This blog belongs to Francesco De Vittori, software geek, father of two and bike enthusiast. I’m married to Elisa and we live near Lugano with Marta (2009) and Daniele (2011).

I’m a software engineer at Board International where I’m developing the Board Business Intelligence Toolkit. I’ve got a MSc. in Computer Science from EPFL and I’m mostly interested in software development practices, functional programming languages, user experience, distributed systems, etc.

I’m fluent in Italian, French and English, and can communicate in German and Spanish.
Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.

When I’m not playing with the kids or fiddling with code I enjoy mountain and road biking, skiing and some photography (with lame results).

The best way to get in touch is by email: frenk at frenk dot com, or by following me on twitter.