n-th attempt

In the past few years I have failed several attempts to keep a blog. This time I promise I will try a bit harder.

The truth is that when I don’t have anything interesting or relevant to say I usually shut up -it’s the way I am. So despite my efforts I doubt you’ll ever find a daily 300-word post here. This doesn’t mean I’ll never write anything interesting :-)

Let me briefly introduce myself, just to let you know who is writing. My name is Francesco De Vittori, I’m a software engineer and a complete bike nut. I got a Master degree in computer science at the Lausanne Swiss Institute of Technology, then I got married and we moved (back) to the Southern Switzerland, near Lugano.
Since then I work at Board Lab where we make a kick-ass software, mostly with the latest .NET stuff. We are a small team but we sometimes manage to make the big vendors cry.

This blog will be mostly about software and geek stuff, but also about bikes and other random subjects like photography and life.