The Old New Thing* – a theme for Thunderbird 3

Yesterday I downloaded Thunderbird 3, the latest incarnation of the popular email client. While I like the new features and appreciate the work they put in this release, I don’t like the icons.
They are coherent with the Windows 7 default theme, but I still think they are a bit too bright and distracting. On the other hand the icons in the Thunderbird 2 default theme were perfect on this regard.

Faster done than said – I packaged the old icons in the default TB3 theme. To make things clear, I haven’t created anything, I just took the TB2 icons and put them in the TB3 default theme.
You can download it from here until it gets approved at mozilla addons.

A couple of screenshots: default TB3 theme:


The Old New Thing in action:


*not related to Raymond Chen’s excellent weblog – I’m not very creative in chosing names, sorry.

update: now marked to work with any 3.* version of Thunderbird.