Web 2.0

A disturbing trend

Today I was reading through the list of speakers for an upcoming conference on software design, user interaction, etc. It seems that everyone there is working for some company with a cool “web 2.0” name that does something social and collaborative.
Call me stupid, but looking at these companies’ websites I really don’t understand what they do. I mean what they produce. I mean what they sell to pay the bills. The buzzword-meter is at the top end of the scale, but I still don’t get it.

Maybe in two years I will read this post and realize I was wrong (as usually) –for now my buzzword-meter and my BS-meter are very closely related.


Edit: it seems that these people think that social networking will produce huge sales in the next years. You can download the full report here. Yes, the PDF download costs $1749. Maybe I start understanding…